International Clock

International Clock 6.1

Flexible world clock solution for management of time zones
6.1.450 (See all)

Flexible world clock solution for management of time zones. Easy to configure and use.
Main Features:
- Allows the user to define custom clocks for various time zones
- Calendar function
- World Map function that shows night and day areas on the globe
- User can add/delete clocks
- Friendly clock faces
- Different clock styles and sizes
- Global shorcuts that can be called from any application
- Tray icon and hide taskbar option
- User can define time zones multiple of 15 minutes
- Displays an unlimited number of clocks simultaneously
- 24H or AM/PM display
- Has daylight saving time feature
- Displays a list of cities around the world with their GMT offset
- Transparency options
- Wake up to MP3/WAV files
- Useful if you have friends/relatives in different countries/time zones
- Competitve price

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